Jason is currently a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, and Boot Camp Instructor. He has helped all ages in Fitness and Nutrition. His philosophy is to tailor specific training and information to each individual based on their goals and needs.

Before forming X2 Fitness and Nutrition with Maria Diaz, he worked for multiple vitamins stores throughout the downriver community. He worked for these stores for 3 years and managed one or more at a time for 2.5 years of that time.


Jason made fitness and nutrition his life when he asked himself, "What do I really want" He was the average guy that worked in factories for long periods of the day and enjoying exercise when time permitted. There came a time when he was laid off and could not find steady work. During that time he filled it with consistent weight training and running. He was never able to run long distances. One day while watching a morning news show, he saw a story of people of all ages and sizes telling their journey of training and running a half marathon. He thought,"if they can do it, I can." From that point on, Jason focused on running a little further each time. He set a goal to run a half marathon and did it. That one race let him know that his only limitation is himself. Up to date, he has run multiple half marathons, a full marathon, and countless races varying in length from 5K to 10K.

Since then, he made fitness and nutrition his life by using his research to use himself as a test subject. From endurance training to weight training, he has established safe and effective methods that are simple for any person to accomplish.