Maria is a Physical Therapist, currently a Certified Personal trainer, Group Fitness, Boot Camp, Zumba, TRX, Drums alive, Crossfit Gymnastic & Silver sneaker instructor. She has helped all ages in Fitness with a passion for Children and seniors. Her Philosophy "Sky is the limit" nothing in life is impossible when you work hard and enjoy what you do; always remember at the end of the day your Health and Fitness is your responsibility.


Maria made fitness her life ten years ago when she was watching a Zumba informercial and fell in love. With a strong passion for Dance and Gymnastics, she decided to become Zumba certified so she took a bus to Ohio and made it happen. Maria was working full time for Alzheimer Association, also a full time mother, but she wanted to teach Zumba. She decided pick up some hours and start teaching. She started with two hours a week, and after two months, she was teaching 7 hours a week. She became crazy and made a decision that changed her life. She quit her full time job at Alzheimer's and began a new journey as she became a group fitness instructor!  Maria put her mind 100% into the Fitness area, gained more certifications, and started a new career. She started seeing physical changes in her clients but more important, in herself. As mother of three kids with a full time job, becoming a fitness instructor for all age groups was the best decision ever. She learned that it's important to remember that success isn't always found in the goal you are pursuing. You can succeed just by trying, you gain by learning, you gain by growing, you gain by being just a little closer to your goal than you were yesterday!